Phil’s Last Stand Part 2

Double double animal style 3rdarm

Here’s the thing- In-N-Out has been doing its thing for way longer than most. From the potatoes being fresh cut in the front window you drive right by, to the good beef, the hidden menu, the animal style- In-N-Out is doing so many things right. They do not oversaturate California- California wants In-N-Out style. But the style of the modern fast food burger has changed. Yes I’ve had the double double Animal Style, I’ve had a double at Shake Shack, in just the past few weeks. Phil’s Last Stand in Chicago’s double fatso with cheese, indisputably influenced by In-N-Out, is the world’s best fast food burger.

One thought on “Phil’s Last Stand Part 2

  1. Arfmaster says:

    Where’s the veggie burger? It’s in Pasadena and I like it.

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