Kogi Truck

calamari 3rdarm kogi truck los angeles

Got the classic shortrib tacos. Loved the meltingly fatty meat with bold Korean flavors. Those were good. Calamari taco was super saucy, spicy, maybe even better. The following is from the Kogi truck website- “On the food side of things, Kogi set off a nuclear bomb that would shake up and mutate the foundations of the industry so that street food would never be looked at the same way again.” Kogi definitely brought to street food to a new level, but they did it with a truck, not a nuclear bomb.

One thought on “Kogi Truck

  1. Arfmaster says:

    In honor of the cabbage we had here and in honor of all the saurkraut we want to eat, we are making a big vessel of fermented cabbage. It’s living on the kitchen counter.

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