Ms. Donuts

buttermilk donut ms los angeles silver lake 3rdarm

The buttermilk donut was tangy, slightly sour in a good way. The buttermilk balanced the sweet milk chocolate. I also got some soft glazed crullers. It was a good selection and the donuts came in a pink box. I walked back to my car on Sunset, eating a donut. At the gas station ahead of me, a crazy person with plastic strips on his head tossed a bottle. When it broke he walked with a hilt and grabbed the biggest jagged piece. As we approached I swung wide- he limped by with a dazed expression. I clutched my pink box of donuts, hurried to the car and ate two more. The donuts saved my life man.

One thought on “Ms. Donuts

  1. Arfmaster says:

    Erf. No violence.

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