The Bunny Museum

bunny museum los angeles 3rdarm

Etta and I were at the Bunny Museum on a Sunday afternoon. Candace was a gracious host and guide. We made conversation about the collection, and how strange it was that we had not been to the website before we visited. I would definitely recommend to check out the website. The interviews are captivating, the Elijah Wood ads are funny. The museum itself is a treat- there is a lot I learned. Bunny is freeze-dried for preservation after death.

pretenders bunny museum 3rdarm los angeles

The Pretenders were a favorite- anything that pretends to be a bunny. The Pendelfin collection reminded me that my grandmother had one of those bunnies. We got to see the rare bunny Xmas Tree- the Bunny Museum was decorated for the holidays, but only for one more day. Candace filmed Etta and I for the website- her hot dog visitors from Chicago. She has two bunnies who were hanging in the shelter of a small box, one big wild cat and a small grey cat named Maybe who is sweet.

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