wurstkuche los angeles 3rdarm

I’m worried my girlfriend is maybe becoming a food snob. She said the rattlesnake and alligator sausage at Wurstkuche wasn’t as snakey as the rattlesnake sausage at Hot Doug’s. “It’s not as snakey,” she said. “I just don’t taste as much snake.”

street art los angeles 3rdarm

I thought the restaurant was an excellent combination of a Hot Doug’s and a German beer bar like Resi’s. It is a specific concept- I don’t know why they don’t have some of the good West Coast craft beer. It’s almost all German. Here’s the thing- none of those sausage needs topping.

One thought on “Wurstküche

  1. Arfmaster says:

    The vegan dogs there are the Field Roast one’s that you can get at Whole Foods and many other places. Good, and a staple in our house.

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