Egg Shack

eggshack calumet city il 127th st 3rdarm

Eggshack is found right off the highway on the stretch of 127th St called Obama Drive. Back in 2010 it was the first street in the country to be named after President Obama. I found the shack thanks to Chef Moyo at Frontera Grill. According to my chef the shack has the best ham on the bone in Chicagoland.

smart museum of art hyde park university of chicago 3rdarm

I take his wisdom to heart- Etta and I went to the far South Side. The eggs were perfectly cooked, potatoes crispy on the outside, and chef was right. The ham on the bone was worth the trip- meaty but tender and full of hammy flavor. Best I have had. The ladies who work there are great too.

5 thoughts on “Egg Shack”

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