Duke of Topolobampo

boss bar xoco 3rdarm chicago

I turned 30 at Boss bar with my friends Jonathan and Miguel who I worked with at Xoco. In the morning Etta made me bacon and eggs and a smoothie. She got me a large gift certificate for cowboy clothes. It was a saturday night and her food gave me good energy to be a fine dining host. After work I sat at the bar surrounded by my coworkers and friends and felt important- it a great birthday.

mixteco grill chicago huevos motulenos 3rdarm

Victoria brought me a piece of chocolate coconut cake topped with candied peanuts and a candle. Jordan made a $35 margarita with Riazul anejo, cognac and gold leaf. I checked in on yelp and at 11:11 became the Duke of Topolobampo. Chef Rick and Deann came over and bowed when i told them my title. To celebrate Etta and I went for hotdogs at Gene’s and Jude’s, and in the morning had brunch with Meghan at Mixteco Grill.

One thought on “Duke of Topolobampo

  1. a says:

    You are the Duke. Treat the Duke well! Feed the Duke what he needs for a sweet dream.

    Thought for the Day

    January 19

    Love bears it out even to the edge of doom.
    – William Shakespeare

    Most of us can spend years in personal pursuits without ever taking time to know the needs of people in our own home, in our neighborhood, at work. It may be rarely that we give our energy to serving their needs. We sometimes forget that our nascent capacity for love is the greatest thing we shall ever have. To nurture it, we may have to forget our private adventures in profit and pleasure for the sake of others, but that is how love grows.

    It takes a lifetime to learn to love. Love does not burst forth one morning with a display of fireworks. It grows little by little every day, by bearing with people, as Shakespeare’s sonnet says, “even to the edge of doom.” That is what love requires. But if we make it our first priority, no matter what difficulties come our way, our love cannot help but grow.

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