Slagel Farm Beef Burger

owen and engine chicago western ave 3rdarm slagel farm beef burger

This review is for Owen and Engine‘s Tuesday burger night. My friend says the chef packs the burger full of 40% chuck, 30% shortrib and 30% brisket, with a target ratio of 65% lean to 35% fat. However the chef is also known to hold up raw burger and admit with a smile, “That’s about fifty fifty.” I know for sure the hamburger I got was packed with the intensity of a Wisconsin butter burger and I loved it.

1 thought on “Slagel Farm Beef Burger”

  1. Then the Bodhisattva Kashyapa asked the Buddha, “But why indeed, O Lord and Tathagata, do you forbid the consumption of meat?” “Son of my lineage!” the Lord replied. “Eating meat destroys the attitude of great compassion.”

    Mahaparinirvana Sutra

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