Hollander Glass Central

3rdarm chicago glass fusing

Etta got a wholesale account at Hollander Central Glass to buy the large quantity of colored glass she will use to make a lot of the 700 pieces commissioned for the Uncommon Goods catalogue. We were able to visit Hollander and choose sheets of Hot Mix 90 that perfectly matched her line.

hollander glass central chicago 3rdarm

They had an impressive selection and amount of art glass in stock, and were welcoming and professional. It seems like there are many other glass products available and classes on glass fusing are offered. Andrea and Julie are moving to San Francisco. They slept over Saturday night with dog Wilhemina.

1 thought on “Hollander Glass Central”

  1. Keep the stars ablaze in the night.

    Well, the Book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy
    The law of the jungle and the sea are your only teachers
    In the smoke of the twilight on a milk-white steed
    Michelangelo indeed could’ve carved out your features
    Resting in the fields, far from the turbulent space
    Half asleep near the stars with a small dog licking your face.

    Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
    Bird fly high by the light of the moon
    Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

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