Cerulean Warbler

pork belly salad topolobampo lunch 3rdarm chicago king orange bok choy

Etta brought Andrea and Julie in to Topolobampo for a champagne lunch. Andrea has an avocado allergy and the 32 hour braised shortribs I wanted them to try are served with a peppery salad of black kale rounded out by an avocado serrano chile and yogurt dressing. I talked to Chef Joel in the lab and he decided to make a new dish for them, pork belly and citrus. By the time Andrea and Julie are in San Francisco- the future of dining- the pork belly with bok choy and king orange will have replaced the shortrib salad. They got a taste of the future.

topolobampo chicago 3rdarm 900 blok san francisco

Before I got out the door and on my bike to ride to work this morning, I had a cup of coffee and added a quote by birder Starr Saphir to my blog. She was saying that taking folks out on tours of Central Park to see the birds made her and others feel less sad. I have been feeling a little down this winter, not a lot of sunlight. I think taking people on tours of food brings me into the world and away from sadness. Its not just feeding feelings- I’m enthusiastic and proud of my food knowledge.

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