Bill Blair

bill blair victoria bc artist 3rdarm

Today is Casimir Pulaski day. He was a Polish cavalryman in the Revolutionary War who is honored every first Monday of March with a state holiday in Illinois and Wisconsin. My grandfather Bop Bop was an officer in the cavalry. Aunt Judy described his code of honor- Take care of the animals first, they can’t take care of themselves. Then take care of your fellow cavalrymen. Finally, take care of yourself. I plan to integrate this code into my management of XOCO- take care of the guest first, then the staff, and finally myself.

bill blair canada 3rdarm

Bill Blair is great artist from Victoria, B.C. He created pieces of arte Mexicana that became part of Chef Rick’s collection and have been on display at XOCO since we opened. He also does Canadian art as well. The three pieces above are from the series, Twin Totems- 1/”Naturists from around the globe enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Nudie Cove, with its springtime blossoms and lush mossy banks.” 2/”The annual Deer Festival is a three-day event featuring masked dances, picnics, and special games.” 3/”Proprietors George & Myrtle offer professional hairstyling for women. Their pet coyote, Wilmont, adds – We do pets too!”

-for more wild Mexican and Canadian art visit artist Bill Blair’s Flickr photostream

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