Huevos Motulenos Con Habanero

huevos motulenos habanero mixteco grill 3rdarm

Besides Frontera Grill, this is my go-to place for huevos motulenos. And since Frontera Grill is closed on Sundays this is definitely the best place for a Sunday brunch of huevos motulenos. The yucatan style dish balances the richness of an egg over easy, salty spicy chorizo, earthy black beans, sweet fried plantains and smoky grilled zuchini, with the bright acidity of roasted tomato sauce. I add a few drops of habanero salsa and I’m ready for Sunday.

crab garnachas mixteco grill chicago 3rdarm mexican

On a recent visit the garnachas with crab filling and sweet corn tamales were very good starters. A chocolate orange tart with candied chiles was a very good ending. The service was very good.

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