Illinois Beach State Park

illinois beach state park 3rdarm lake michigan crayfish

I had a great experience getting a cabin at the White Pines Inn at White Pines Forest State Park and was excited when I heard about Illinois Beach Resort on the lakeshore at Illinois Beach State Park.

rabbit skull Illinois beach state park 3rdarm

It lived up to my expectations. Etta and I rented a room overlooking wild Lake Michigan with a balcony and king size bed for about a hundred dollars in April.

We hiked in the state park and saw critters.

illinois beach state park 3rdarm

There was a pool and all kinds of work out / game room stuff- that we didn’t use.

illinois beach state park 3rdarm etta kostick

The nature was what brought us. In the middle of the night I sat out on the balcony and listened to the waves. It was warm for April and still.

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