Coltilli Da Torta

publican quality meats 3rdarm chicago

I had a not-so-good experience at Publican Quality Meats, something like a 2 star experience. I’m not going to post the review on yelp because it would interrupt my string of something like four hundred 5 star reviews- I’m going to write about it here. PQM is the chef driven sandwich arm of the Publican. Etta and I went on a Sunday afternoon. The hostess was spaced out and did not give us an estimate of real time- the manager had to step in and take over the seating. Our server admitted to being flustered by the afternoon rush- it was 2pm. I said we wanted to order some of the food for here, and take some to go. She said the kitchen was backed up so she would fire all the food at once. Etta ordered a mimosa and I asked for one of the coffee drinks called go juice.

publican quality meats chicago 3rdarm

When I returned from the washroom, the server came back and said they were out of one of the items we ordered. I switched it up. The food arrived, plate by plate, followed by the to-go food, a few minutes later. The drinks were nowhere to be seen and we had run out of water. The server greeted the couple just seated next to us at the communal table, filled their waters with a full pitcher but did not say anything to us about the food, the missing drinks, or fill our waters. I asked for the drinks. Etta asked for water. She said something lame about the drinks being backed up and poured us water. I heard the manager talking to an older couple behind us. “Are you out of anything?” one asked, and the manager replied no, to his knowledge they were not. They pointed to one spread in particular that was their favorite on the charcuterie plate. “Oh should I try that?” the manager inquired, “I’ve only been here a few months and I haven’t tried everything yet.”

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