Mother’s Day Dream

allium chicago 3rdarm

I dreamt I was on a trip with Jon Murray, Jonathan Rodriguez, and others, about 5 of us. We were staying at a resort owned by a Scandinavian woman. Jonathan brought weed and gave me a bag. We went on an excursion to swim in a river. I had my phone in the water. The river was muddy and full of leaves. I got on a rock in the sun and gave my phone to Meagan, a cook at Topolobampo. She almost dropped it because it was slipping out of the plastic case. Meagan showed me the photo: I had manboobs. We swam back to the resort. Walking away from the water, Murray commented on the intricate blue tiles by the entrance to the swimming area.

allium chicago 3rdarm

On the way back we saw the police searching the resort, room by room. I had a bag of weed, so I detoured into an animal hospital. An elderly woman had a Portuguese water dog and a smaller dog. “Is that a Portuguese water dog?” I asked. “Yes,” said the small dog, “and my name is Rex.” Then the small dog said, “Hungry, dog food, hungry, dog food.” “That’s wonderful,” I told the motionless old woman. “It’s a talking dog.” The scandinavian woman found me and showed me a room full of wild birds. The owl stared into my eyes. I realized then I had left my grey towel by the river. It was old, from my mom’s house, and I knew they would throw it in the trash. I went back to the swimming area to find it and the Scandinavian woman was there, standing nude on the blue tiles.

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