etta chicago 3rdarm

What a neighborhood gem. Two brings in seasonal ingredients from nearby places like Nichols Farm (asparagus) and then layers in bright and rich notes (foie, pinenuts, lemon zest.) The charcuterie plate featured delicate smoked char and chewy tender beef jerky. The halibut with early summer vegetables was amazing, one of the best fish I’ve had all year. Hangar steak was intensified by a dark chile crust and a slaw of cabbage, radish and red chiles.

chicago 3rdarm

The dogs of dinner, and they don’t deserve to be in the doghouse, were the fried dishes: the croquettes and the pretzel donuts. Frying felt out of place amongst the vibrance of the meat and produce on hand. Two couples the great cooking with on point service: I’m coming back to eat flavorful and seasonal food in the neighborhood.

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