Original Rainbow Cone

zoe matt sara chicago 3rdarm rainbow cone

My friend doesn’t like sherbert but she enjoyed the orange sherbert that starts off the Rainbow Cone Experience: it’s a palette cleanser.

chicago 3rdarm

Things get more interesting with the Palmer House: Venetian vanilla (wtf is that) with cherries. I like the maple walnut because it was my grandma Happy’s favorite.

original rainbow cone chicago 3rdarm

I recommend going with a waffle cone for the vessel: the Rainbow Cone guys called out my order as, “Large waf!” The old lady I sat next to at the picnic table out back was talking about her friend who just got her pilots license, but her husband is afraid to fly. He has never flown. Can you believe it?

lake michigan zoe matt sara chicago 3rdarm

Though it’s miles inland, I recommend pairing the Rainbow Cone with lake swimming.

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