Il Nostro Chinotto

gelato sundae balena chicago 3rdarm

Il Nostro Chinotto was recommended to me by the server at Balena as a bitter cream soda. It was amazing: the taste of the evil bitter even an alcoholic could love. I thought the spicy sausage pizza was just okay until the spicy sauce arrived a minute behind. Yes, I had eaten half a piece of pizza like a T Rex before the spicy sauce even arrived: the spicy sauce was great.

il nostro chinnoto 3rdarm bitter cream soda

Etta chose the cannoli sundae for dessert. The gelato was creamy and cheesy, a sweet foil to the burrata. The shards of freshly fried pastry dough had a zested orange element. The cherries were luxurious, and there was a perfect ending of bitter liquor at the bottom of the cup.

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