3rdarm frontera grill chicago oaxaca

We took our annual staff trip to Mexico last week. Rick, Deann, Carlos and Jen brought along all the managers and chefs, as well as a scholarship winner from a local college, and two folks who bought the trip as a contribution to the Frontera Farmer Foundation. We landed in Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca: the only other time I have been down there was in middle school when Mom and Aunty brought Kate and I down to Huatulco.

tlayuda 3rdarm frontera grill chicago

We were introduced to Andres and Fernando, brothers who are family friends of the Bayless’, who would be our guides and drivers. They brought us to the hotel and then we were off for our first eating destination: a tlayuda stand that stays open all night. We snacked on the crispy corn dough encasing marinated pork and thin cut beef, and plates of pickled pigs feet.

oaxaca tlayuda dona libres 3rdarm frontera grill chicago

-Fernando Mendez and Andres Mendez, from the video, Tlayuda

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