La Plaza Paleteria

paletas chicago 3rdarm

Etta and I went up north for pizza at Spacca Napoli. They have summer hours: open on Monday and Tuesday. It started to rain really hard. I got San Pelligrino chinnoto, limonata and a double espresso. Etta had rose. We ate seafood salad seasoned with olives and pinenut raisin meatballs to start. Spicy sausage pizza and buffalo mozzarella and pepperoni (probably not called pepperoni) pizza for dinner.

spacca napoli 3rdarm

We drove to see the building where they have classes on glass fusing and kiln programming and then West. I got summer reading material at the magazines store by Cicero and Milwaukee. We got paletas down the street: pineapple and chile for Etta, strawberries for me.

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