Big Bear Hideaway

big bear hideaway boulder junction wi 3rdarm

I love Wisconsin. I guess the state reminds me of a weird woodsy New England. Etta is a genius for finding the Big Bear Hideaway: it blows my mind that I am writing the second yelp review for the place. This place is an instant classic, one of the best spots I have ever visited. All the cabins and grounds, inside and out, are made of hand-carved wood and surrounded by gigantic trees.

big bear hideaway wisconsin 3rdarm

The location is perfect for exploring the Northwoods of Wisconsin in general, and the town of Boulder Junction in particular. They have large number of free bikes to ride around town. Etta and I got on a tandem bike (her first time, I drove) and tooled around. Boulder Junction has a long, winding bike trail that goes for many miles past many lakes. We did more local cruising. We got hotdogs, we saw the town. We stayed in the Black Bear Cave, two floors, 3 TVs, full kitchen.

northwoods wisconsin 3rdarm arthur mullen xoco

The only minor flaw was a small spot on a giant chair that smelled like body odor. But the owners did tell us that a blues band had stayed in the cabin the nights previous, and I have seen some bluesmen, and its easy to miss a spot. Everything else was clean, great cable and internet, amazing firepit, the air was really unbelievable. I want to go back.

1 thought on “Big Bear Hideaway”

  1. You have a soft spot in your heart for Vacation Lands of all stripes. Bring on the Vacation Land, you call. One day I’ll spot you riding a lawnmower around a campground in the far-out woods of Little House in the Prairie country.

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