Blink Bonnie

blink bonnie wisconsin 3rdarm

We went to McGregor’s Blink Bonnie Supper Club on the recommendation of Smokin’, Chokin’, and Chowin’ with the King. It’s a small restaurant in Saint Germain, Wisconsin, famous for its steaks. We waited about 45 minutes for the table. Etta got rye whiskey manhattans and I drank O’Doul’s at the bar. Outside the window we watched white tailed deer come up and eat in the dusk; hummingbirds flitted at feeders; inside was taxidermy and neon. The place has a great ambience.

blink bonnie taxidermy supper club 3rdarm

At the table, I ordered beer battered fried arctic cod, and Etta got the New York strip. The salad is old school, it was like eating a memory, with iceberg lettuce and bacon bits. I loved it. Etta’s steak came to the table sizzling and smoking. It was cooked perfectly, juicy and charred.

etta arthur 3rdarm upper peninsula

The server told us that “blink bonnie” is a Scottish term for a glimpse of beauty. The enchantment of a magnificent expanse of open country, a vista of mountain, glen, loch or moor. I enjoyed the dinner, and I got my blink bonnie up in the Northwoods.

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