Marty’s Place North

martys place north wisconsin supper clubs 3rdarm

I heard about Marty’s Place North on the Wisconsin Supper Club documentary. Some people have a bucket list: I have the supper clubs visited in that film. We went on Sunday night. My expectations were low. In Chicago, there is a generally a huge difference in quality between mom and pop restaurants and the restaurant group owned restaurants.

martys place north wisconsin supper clubs 3rdarm

I was blown away by Marty’s Place North, and reminded that I really do love Wisconsin. The dining room is unique, with an enclosed private table dominating the bar, and a raised seating section overlooking both. The woodwork on the inside and out is amazing. Food is even better: how a family run restaurant maintains such high quality since 1982 is beyond me.

martys place north wisconsin supper clubs 3rdarm

Etta ordered the prime rib, and I got the walleye. The relish tray had an amazing cheddar spread, wild green onions, homemade pate. Delicious Wisconsin cheese on my French onion soup. Walleye was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. Prime rib a beautiful pink. We got a lobster tail (most restaurants in the Northwoods serve African lobster) and it was amazing, totally on par with Maine lobster, cooked and presented with finesse.

wisconsin supper clubs 3rdarm

The server, Lulu, was totally charming, not overbearing, and told us a little history of the restaurant, including details about the previous owner’s tunnels out from the basement. For dessert, Lulu recommended the strawberry schaum torte. I had never had one, and again, did not have huge expectations. It was amazing! A crumbly, sugary meringue wafer that texturizes the whipped cream, strawberry ice cream and local strawberries. What a great dinner.

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