Myers Briggs

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Last Friday was so busy I had trouble getting up from my desk after writing my report. It was late and I was getting too relaxed. Chef Rick stopped by the office on his way home. We talked about the Taste of Chicago: how it started, what it turned into under Mayor Daley, and what it is becoming under Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Chef had cooked a private dinner. The event is moving away from its status as a headlining summer festival with live music towards a smaller, more foodie oriented event. I told him how I was at Taste of Cambridge when Michael Jackson died. It turned into a big dance party.

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I had to take personal time on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the rush: two of the best Xoco servers and I went to get hot dogs. I learned that one had originally crossed the US-Mexico border by foot, coming from Mexico City to a better life in Chicago, and had found stability here through marriage. My friend Ethan came by for dinner with his family. We went up to the roof for the tomatoes, and walked to the lake to see the water.

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  1. Snorks, there are a lot of posts. I am going to be a commenter, but first need to gather the energies in a ball.

    Sweetly summering.

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