Dillman’s Delicatessen

dillman delicatessen chicago 3rdarm

Chef Amado, Conor and I went to Dillman’s for an early dinner on a Saturday night: I was “still at work” (playing hooky). We were greeted warmly and brought to a wooden round table under a gorgeous chandelier. I love how all the tables at Sodikoff restaurants are “good tables” and how that attention to detail carries through the design, ambience, cooking and serving all the way to the human beings. The service was informed, attentive and human: we followed the recommendations of the server and ordered a reuben, pastrami sandwich, latkes, knish, lox schmear, and pickles, all for sharing.

dillmans delicatessen chicago 3rdarm

I had a bitter soda: my coworkers had white wine paired to cut the richness of the food. The pastrami was husky, smoky, on soft dark rye. The reuben was money. I’m from CT just outside of New York City and love old school delis. No pork, no shellfish, no problem. The food at Dillman’s was authentic and delicious, the service meticulous, the room beautiful. I can’t wait to take Etta for dinner!

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