Caldwell Woods

caldwell woods 3rdarm

We haven’t seen Meghan all summer. Etta has been on the East Coast, I have been playing my 15 year old videogame, and Meghan has been studying to pass her final tests to get her lawyer’s license. We picked her up Sunday afternoon, after the restaurants had closed between brunch and dinner. Etta and I were so hungry we had to get a Superdawg.

caldwell woods 3rdarm

We drove across the street to the Caldwell Woods for a digestive walk through nature. We passed Mexican families grilling and playing soccer to the path beside the clear, shallow river. Numerous trees had uprooted in the drought. There were two deer eating leaves, a couple. The young buck had small antlers. A Mexican grandma showed the animals to her granddaughter. I watched them eat for a while. I was too full from the hotdog to pose any danger: they munched in peace.

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