Sweet Corn Ice Cream

yusho chicago 3rdarm

We change our soft serve flavor seasonally: we’ve been working on sweet corn flavor. The test batch I had weeks ago was smoky and savory and featured grilled corn. Chef decided that was maybe too authentic, better suited to Mexico City than Chicago. We boiled the corn, bringing the natural sugars out of the kernels, and added orange zest. The first batch was too citrusy: we toned it back. I was on a mission to try other sweet corn ice creams to make ours as tasty as possible. I heard Yusho, the amazing Japanese street food restaurant, changed its soft serve flavor to sweet corn last weekend. On a Monday night, Etta and I headed over to give it a try. Yusho killed it: the ice cream is smooth and milky, the lightness in body pairs beautifully with the flavor of corn. The sweetness is brought out both by the caramel sauce and the savory corn flavor is enhanced at the same time by crunchy crushed cornflakes. Seaweed powder adds an addicting salty counterpoint. We’ve got our work cut out!

Bub City chicago 3rdarm

We ate dinner at Bub City. I had seen Facebook photos of my chef, Andres, with his wife and son, having dinner on the patio a few weeks earlier. My other chef, Adrian, had only great things to say about their burger. Also, from the list of 10 restaurants I want to eat at in Chicago, all 10 are closed on Mondays… We sat on the patio, and the service was great. Etta got a boozy frozen bourbon cocktail and I got a housemade lemonade. We got fried oysters and fresh shucked oysters to start: both were well done. The double cheeseburger with American cheese over two patties of satisfying chuck and smoky brisket was a winning one: subtle sweetness from BBQ sauce, tangy mustard, crunchy pickles. The brisket was lean yet flavorful, the smoke rings in the meat visible in the setting August sun. The waitress gave the best advice: make a small sandwich with saltine crackers, hot links and pimento cheese.

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