Blind Pig

blind pig bistro seattle 3rdarm

Blind Pig was the best restaurant I ate at on my trip to the Northwest. Etta and I ate homemade pasta with veal, gnocchi with chanterelles, scallop crudo and heirloom tomatoes. I did not write down any notes on the dishes because I got so caught up in the flavors and flawless execution. The menu has changed completely since our dinner. I love that their menu changes so often and how they deal with that: by posting a photo of their blackboard to the web every day.

blind pig bistro seattle 3rdarm

I would love to go with a small group of friends and try the entire menu every couple of months: and at $140 it would not break the bank. The dessert course was a stunner: quinels of chocolate mousse with fleur de sel and crispy tuiles of caramel. I did not realize until later that Eastlake Teriyaki in the adjoining storefront is Blind Pig’s guerrilla sandwich shop!

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