Elevated Ice Cream

port townsend washington 3rdarm

I loved Elevated Ice Cream‘s lavender flavors sold at farms in Sequim so much that I sought after their home base in Port Townsend. It got even better with August’s flavor of the month, a scoop of creamy brightly citric Lemon Custard. Being from the East Coast, where ice cream is king, I was happy to be impressed with the ice cream craftmanship.

port townsend washington 3rdarm

I wanted to try another unique Northwest flavor, so I went with a scoop of Butter Brickle. Originating from Nebraska in the seventies, Butter Brickle is so similar to Heath Bar that it made me ponder if it was just delicious caramel-crunchy Heath Bar ice cream. The answer is no way: it is Butter Brickle man.

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