Port Townsend

port townsend washington 3rdarm

We had one morning and early afternoon to explore Port Townsend, and Velocity Coffee was one third of a compelling trifecta. We walked past the numerous elegant Victorian buildings to the more modern yet weathered Marine Center. I was served a perfectly pulled double espresso with a small glass of sparkling water on the side. Good vibes (reggae music) and professionalism in full effect.

port townsend washington 3rdarm

By the time we reached Hudson Point Cafe, we had walked the length of Port Townsend’s historic center, from the Palace Hotel, and taken in the totality of the town’s Victorian elegance. I felt as though I’d found a place on in the Northwest that reminded me of home on the shores of small town New England. I loved Port Townsend, but its also a place my aunt would love. Hudson Point Cafe was busy and buzzing. We sat away from most of the guests, at a table by the kitchen, and I listened to the service team and picked up on excellent communication and teamwork.

port townsend washington 3rdarm

Etta got the fried oysters lunch special, and I got the special of steamed WA clams in green curry. The portion size was spot on for visitors: a sound, delicious lunch without the excess of leftovers. Local seafood prepared with care, and friendly, on point service: a great place for lunch.

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