Swantown, Olympia

medibles seattle wa 3rdarm

Yes its true that all my reviews are 5 star: but I only review places I loved. My godmother Ruth asked me if I ever thought, “This place is really more like 4 stars,” and the answer is yes. My philosophy is that if a place does a great job, they deserve some irrational positivity because there are so many of us yelpers who are irrationally negative. All that being said, Swantown Inn is one of those special gems that deserves 10 stars. Not only was it a super comfortable and beautifully appointed room that we did not want to leave, but Nathan, one of the owners and the host of this B&B, may have saved my whole vacation.

swantown inn olympia wa 3rdarm etta and arthur

He took photos of Etta and I with the funny swan boards outside, and we made small talk about the circle tour of the Olympic peninsula. When asked our plan for the end of the long weekend, we mentioned a drive up to Vancouver. Nathan mentioned that there are often long waits at customs, and that our itinerary already included a lot of car time, and without being pushy or overbearing, gently steered us to reconsider our plan, recommending places and giving us new ideas. Thank you man, by the time we were on the other side, I had finally recovered and relaxed from my work burnout, the vacation was taking effect, and the last thing I would have wanted was to sit in the car forever.

etta arthur olympia wa swantown inn 3rdarm

They have a beautiful place to stay, make a super tasty breakfast (the chipotle raspberry sorbet mid-course for breakfast was killer!) and above all else, Nathan and Casey are good people running an amazing, the best, bed and breakfast. Nathan even put up with my jabbering about Masterchef Australia.

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