The Whale Wins

whale wins seattle 3rdarm

Chef Rick and David, the media director, were in Seattle for an internet chat at the same time we were. We met at Whale Wins for a memorable dinner. The space is striking but warm, with a low light, white tile open kitchen in back and the front of the dining room under the night sky. I did not do the ordering but the server was on point answer questions and giving recommendations in what would be a high stress situation for me: wine service was flawless.

whale wins seattle 3rdarm

The dishes that stand out for me were the spot prawns, on special that night, and sucking the shrimp heads. Sardine on toast had tons of complexity and stayed true to the flavor of tuna salad. The lamb tartare was seasoned just right with mellow richness. We met one of the chefs who will be running the Chicago marathon this year and wanted recommendations on where to eat: he has been a top 100 marathon finisher. I pointed him towards chicken vesuvio and depression-style hot dogs. For dessert the melon sorbet was saturated with ripeness, and the eaton mess was satisfying in its textures.

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