lobster roll acadia chicago 3rdarm

I found the best lobster roll in the city: it’s at Acadia, a fine dining restaurant in the South Loop. It was all about flawless execution and simplicity. The lobster was not over-cooked, and not over-dressed. The roll was supremely toasted, warm, buttery and brown. The whole thing rivals the best cold lobster salad rolls in Massachusetts (its not a Connecticut-style roll so I won’t even go there).

banh mi acadia chicago 3rdarm

Etta and I ate at a table in the bar area, away from the main dining room and the much more expensive tasting menus, but still firmly in the realm of excellent service. The perhaps Scandinavian gentleman who took care of us spoke with confidence on all things food, made the elaborate, nuanced cocktails (and for me, a mocktail), and clear and reset the table about 8 times. Chef Rick wanted a report on the bar snacks menu as an alternative to the full experience.

burger acadia chicago 3rdarm

In particular, he wanted to know if he could be in and out in an hour or so. I failed to deliver the results he was looking for. With oysters, the 3 sandwiches (burger and banh mi are really good, but going back would get 2 lobster rolls), and opting in for the 3 course dessert tasting menu, dinner lasted over 2 hours. It was good though in that it disrupted my hectic Sunday marathon of Quake 2 deathmatch action.

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  1. The Bear’s belly remains full. Of the insects of the sea and whatever else he finds. Sweet and hungry bear.

    In the San Gabriel Valley (Rosemead, for instance), it’s possible to order Bahn Mi sandwiches (vegan-style, of course), for something like 3/$5. It’s a delicious deal, and that’s all the news that’s fit for the 3rdarm.

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