cheesecake palette cleaners acadia chicago 3rdarm

We opted to take the entire banh mi home (it was delicious the next day) because the burger was uber rich. Just look at the picture of the melted cheese on the burger in the photo: the inside of my intestines was coated with that luxurious, creamy cheese post-ingestion. The 3 course dessert tasting menu began with a cheesecake palette cleanser: I was skeptical that the buttery ball of frozen cheesecake accompanied by crystalized raspberry would be able to clear out the savory richness.

strawberry versus sesame acadia 3rdarm chicago

But when you’re fighting Godzilla you’re going to need Space Godzilla at least, maybe King Ghidorah as well. Double espresso also helped clear the Northern passage. The first dessert course was white chocolate mousse, spot on in flavor and texture, with elements of strawberry and sesame. Speaking of battles between giant monsters, all the dessert were set up in the sweet versus savory format. The puck of frozen strawberry proved deadly to the black sesame schmear.

pistachio versus raspberry acadia chicago 3rdarm

Pistachio won its fight with raspberry: the toasted nuts in a crumble as well as quenelled pistachio ice cream crushed the berries in their prickly, icy state of suspended animation.

textures of chocolate acadia 3rdarm chicago

Textures of chocolate was more like what happens underground with tectonic plates in a fault subduction zone.

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  1. Fancy Fancy Eatings, Mr. Bear. I am way behind on the commenting but forgive me this once. I am glad that your sweet belly is full.

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