Marching Bears Effigy Mounds

marching bears effigy mounds 3rdarm

High above the Mississippi, earthen mounds in the shape of birds, bears, and simple cones mark the once-flourishing Woodland Culture of the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

pikes peak state park 3rdarm

From 500 B.C. to A.D. 1300, Eastern Woodland Indians, who were hunters and gatherers, lived in this area. They collected wild rice, nuts, fruits, berries, and freshwater mussels, and their prey included deer, bear, and bison.

effigy mounds pike peak 3rdarm

There were so many freshwater mussels that the Mississippi River appeared to be paved with cobblestones.

3 thoughts on “Marching Bears Effigy Mounds”

  1. Nice photo of Etta K. The wonder-woman. The tamer of the Bear. I hope that you’re smiling sweet on the riverbank.

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