Steak and Eggs

marcia mello cabaret chicago 3rdarm

Despite it being too cold to have much fun the sun, the three of us got in some real culture. Marcia brought Etta and I to the Empty Bottle, to see the band the Temples play their first gig in the US. Her British vegan friend with a long grey beard, Charlie and his son are roadies: we met both of these fellows. Later in the week, after leftovers and working together in Etta’s glass studio, the two of them went to the Field Museum.

steak and eggs marcia and etta kostick breakfast 3rdarm

Thursday night, after joining me for dinner at Xoco, they sprung me out of work early to go to Gallery Cabaret. Marcia played a 4 song set, all early blues covers, with our friend Jeff on drums and Michael Frank of Earwig Records on harmonica. She played, “Me and My Chauffeur Blues,” “You Can’t Get That Stuff No More,” “Ramblin’ on My Mind,” and “Kansas City Blues.” I recorded the songs and have the audio / video up on my vimeo site. Love that Marcia Mello and going to miss her!

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