Voodoo Lounge

chucks thanksgiving southern comforts cafe burbank smoked turkey 3rdarm

For Thanksgiving dinner we went back to Chuck’s Southern Comforts Cafe, in Burbank. I was horrified at last year’s all-you-can-eat experience when they threw my leftovers into the garbage. Since then, I have told my story many times, and am struck by my audience’s disbelief at my own ignorance. Apparently it is common practice to not allow doggy bags when its all you can eat. I guess I have been slacking on my buffets (this was not a buffet, it was family style).

chucks southern comforts cafe burbank banana cream pie 3rdarm

In any event, we went hungry. Etta, Andrea and I were seated at a 4-top in the Voodoo Lounge, between 2 aircraft carrier size banquet tables for families of at least 20. The families had lots of really big, really old and handicapped folks, so fun people watching for a food professional like myself. I was struck by 2 things: the smell of smoked turkey (potent), and the way the bus boys broke down and reset the 20-top for 3 new parties midway. They did it world-is-ending style, gone in 60 seconds. Lots of fun.

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