Gaston Acurio

squid octopus cebiche tanta chicago 3rdarm

Chef Rick, in a less than 120 character tweet, reviewed Tanta: “REALLY DELISHmeal at Peruvian Tanta lstnght! B’tiful ceviches,tiraditos(1 w uni!), causas, anticuchos & picarones.Go!” My review is going to be slightly longer and no less enthusiastic: Etta and I really enjoyed the Peruvian cuisine and stellar service at Tanta.

purple corn chicago tanta chicha 3rdarm

She started with a cocktail and I had the chicha, a sweet and funky (nonalcoholic somehow) drink of what I understand to be fermented purple corn. Had never heard of many of the dishes and ingredients, so we opted for the three shareable plates. The cebiche trio was outstanding, the lime pickled carrot and pozole corn giving heft to the delicate and briny seafood, eaten with perfectly fried plantain. Rocoto chile is a bright fire.

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