Dos Gallos

rick deann bayless frontera christmas party 3rdarm

Last night was the holiday party at the three restaurants: the chefs prep and cook all the food and the managers serve the staff. This year the theme was the South / Texas. I ordered 35 cases of Lone Star and bought a $50 ranchero button up with 2 roosters by the collar. Luisa’s husband Manny, who is an excellent photographer, said 1 rooster is good and the other is bad, and I have to choose which bird to listen to.

chefs topolobampo xoco frontera grill 3rdarm

There is never enough room for everybody: I was able to wrangle 4 additional tables and 30 additional seats by taking prep tables from the kitchen. I got to scrape the pie plates and enjoy some sweets in the stairwell. When the Bayless’s presented loyal employees gifts for working for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years I was bussing glassware. When the DJ started the dance party I was mopping in the basement.

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