aunt glo christmas table baker 3rdarm

When I first saw Aunt Glo I gave her a big hug. I immediately started jabbering at her: how I missed her, how beautiful she looked, that she reminded me of my grandmother Happy. I said, “Last time I saw you we were at Ben and Jerry’s and we both got sundaes and I ate mine in 3 minutes and you slowly enjoyed yours for 30 minutes and it drove me crazy. I wanted to eat your banana split Aunt Glo!”

baker family aunt mo 3rdarm

No way she remembered that, it was fifteen years or more years ago, I thought and realized how awkward it was to bring up such a small moment from the past. “Oh yes!” Aunt Glo exclaimed her eyes sparkling and a big smile on her face, “that was the night the local artist drew a picture of you on a Ben and Jerry’s napkin and gave the portrait to you!” I was shocked: the memory of the whole night came rushing back to me in more detail than I had recalled.

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