Xmas Eve

gloria nate jennifer baker fl 3rdarm

I didn’t get to see the rest of Aunt Mo’s family until Xmas eve. Growing up, that was always the big celebratory holiday with Aunt Judy and Aunt Mo: the night they invited the whole family over their house. Sometimes my sister, cousin Amy and I would dress up like reindeers. Sometimes they would dress me in drag. It was always a lot of fun.

judy and gloria baker fl xmas eve 3rdarm

This year we went to George and Jennifer’s house. I brought along a bunch of handmade Xmas ornaments, by Marilu, my Mexican-American coworker. I was thinking they would be all white and bigoted and this would be a subtle way to bring a little color into their lives. George and his brother Will are half Mexican-American themselves and their lovely mother Rosa and I talked about sweet tamales and mole on Xmas growing up.

tim rosa and george xmas eve baker fl 3rdarm

Nate, Will and I played Super Mario 3D World after everyone had left: its the first time I played the new Nintendo system. As a kid, I would have gotten it right when it came out, years ago. Will was Mario, Nate was Toad, and I was first Luigi and then Princess Peach. We transformed using the cat suits.

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