AcmeCTF 2003 ’til Infinity

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Part 2………….. 2005 to the Present   😎

This is the beginning of our era.   The current golden era Quake 2 CTF maps (you didn’t know it but it’s true!)

nandb_04 – The Oscillator by Neal&Bob (July 2005)

BEER maps- BEER started making maps with input from the ACMECTF community, specifically [SLY].  BEER has said it would take him 15-20 hours to complete a map.

b6ctf – Outpost Omega by BEER (September 2005)

penetrator – Penetrator by AliasedWhore (November 2005) The original version of this map was somewhat more… graphic.  I’m talking about porn.  It was bright white with porn.  In the thread linked, it was also hypothesized that AliasedWhore may be cross-dressing.

The Cleaner got one of the first lasting high scores, 255, on November 27, 2005, before more “traditional” textures were subbed in.  He was subsequently topped by bea, worcmai (cr0w) and others (including me! ten years later).  Back then, however, The Cleaner opined that those high scores should be viewed in context, “I say the two highscores that bumped me should receive an asterisk (*) next to their names.  I set mine while the map was bright white, and unplayable. bea and crow had the easier time with the updated textures that actually allow someone to see, and less laggy. lol”

Get serious.   :mrgreen:

pod6 – Pod 6 (January 2006) AliasedWhore’s take on the TV show, Seaquest DSV, includes a (non-functional, non-sandwich) submarine.

b7ctf – Fright Night (January 2006) [SLY] and Cartman[Camp] got thanked in the credits.

Fright Night for me is in the top five ultimate AcmeCTF-specific maps.  I love the little touches like how the windows’ shootable glass respawns every couple minutes, the position of the spawn pads allows you to launch out into gameplay.

roly poly cat 3rdarm arthur mullen chicago maine coon cat

DR4IG started making maps with the input of AcmeCTF players on ventrilo.  The most played DR4IG map these days is the smallest one (big surprise) but in all DR4IG showed a keen eye for remaking classics and using humor.

afctf1 – Crypt’s Keepers (January 2007)
afctf2a – CrackHoFunny (February 2007)
dgctf1 – CrackHoFunny FINAL (February 2007)
dgctf2 – Twin Castles Rush (February 2007)  In his first 2 maps, DR4IG decided to make fun of Cacophony and remake Twin Temples Lush.  This guy gets it!  Some people (myself included) love this map.  1v1 h0ps?  Didn’t think so.  Actually one of my worst nightmares in Q2CTF was realized in dgctf2.  h0ps railed me over and over as I respawned on the same pad.  That’s a problem for my kill-death-ratio.  h0ps said it wasn’t so bad, “At most it’s 50 slugs.”
dgctf3 – Arrakis Kuun
dgctf3s – Arrakis Kuun SPECIAL
dgctf4 – MonoChronoMatrix

crazytrain – Crazy Train by BEER.  (Outpost Orion remake) (September 2007)

b8ctf – Outpost Andromeda by BEER.  (November 2007)

stdctf3a – Renegades by {STD}General (November 2007)

The last major mapmaker on the scene happens to be one of the greatest players of all time, neoxotb.  Starting in 2009 neox began releasing well thought out, fun CTF maps that became instant classics.  Neox’s maps are in heavy rotation today:

nxctf1 – (January 2009)
nxctf2 – (February 2009)
nxctf3 – (June 2009)
nxctf4 – Rampless (July 2009)
nxctf5 – The Alpha Redux (October 2009)
nxctf6 – Synthesis (April 2011)
nxctf7 – Tribute (March 2012)

TL:DR Quake 2 CTF is a living community with an evolving taste for old and new maps!  The maps are a big part of what makes the games so much fun.  😀

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