Alpha & Omega

arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm cumbia xoco sunrise sunset quake 2 dan jones manager

Tom Skilling Forecast: Hot, humid, hazy holiday weekend.

Door: Big Saturday to end this hot first week of September! We had a big push all day, with the patio full even when the DR was not in the afternoon, and steady, drawn out peaks for lunch and dinner. Baker and Saul were excellent on the door.

Service: Today Nayeli was back on cash and this time was the MVP of the AM with $4300 in sales and warm hospitality for our guests. Hugo was still sick, and we had 2 call outs in the PM, one due to a babysitting snafu and the other due to soreness from pregnancy. Rather than go without a beer seller, I suited up and Jose, Miguel and I formed the rotating golden triangle. Jose anchored the to-go register, Miguel anchored the floor, and I relieved them both at times so we were able to take orders for large parties at tables and continue to offer our guests table service for beer and margaritas, which is good for our guests’ experience and makes these Saturdays even more successful.

arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm cumbia xoco sunrise sunset quake 2 roly poly cat

Guests: Dan Jones, my original Xoco manager (don’t tell Jennifer B) and Joy. Javier, our #1 Saturday regular, and his wife and their newborn son David. Jameel and his girlfriend back for dinner on the patio. Linda Berg and our parking expert regular, who surprised me by being good friends. I only knew them separately. Sonny Faulseit, the Indiana Jones of Xoco, and another archeologist friend.

Mood Scale (bussing tables edition): I got to see firsthand how important it is to the mood scale and overall Xoco experience of our guests to have their table beautified completely between courses… it makes a huge difference to the impact of the food to come and we will continue to focus on this as our #1 point of service heading into the fall! By next summer, we will be crushing it!

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