Strange Tools

chicago dawn october 2015 overcast skyline arthur mullen 3rdarm

It’s a lot of fun getting together to talk with my online friends when we play Quake 2 CTF on Sunday evenings. Everyone has a different approach, whether it’s Yoda’s infectious sense of humor, Fors soothing life coaching, or housefly’s stoicism (no mic.) At the end of many hours of play, it is often just angry, bluefish and me left on the voice server.

chicago dawn october 2015 overcast skyline arthur mullen 3rdarm

Angry is from Southern California, not far at all from where my sister lives, and like my sister, is a little bit older and wiser than me (and like her, does not smoke the MJ.) His depth of knowledge in subjects that interest him is amazing, whether it be F1 racing, hockey, web design or Quake 2, angry is like a walking encyclopedia. Angry earned his nickname the predictable way, and for the most part avoids sharing his emotions. The exception to this rule is during late night 1v1’s, when I am more “relaxed” (read: stoned, read: easy to kill) when angry LOVES to talk smack.

roly poly cat arthur mullen 3rdarm maine coon

Portuguese is bluefish’s first language (of many!), and while her English is amazing, she uses many endearingly quirky expressions and alternate pronunciations. For example, whenever she says “techs,” I am reminded of saxophonist John Tesh, and the she says “middle,” sounds like the extra strength pain reliever, “Midol.” Bluefish is very “chingona” to stay up and play with us all night and we all love having her in the group. With the massive daylight timezone difference between Portugal and North America she is usually the first of us three to go off to sleep.

roly poly cat arthur mullen 3rdarm maine coon

My work in the hospitality industry has turned me into a kind of giant human parrot. When h0ps and angry are talking, I parrot back the “bro talk.” When I talk with bluefish, I start pronouncing words the same way she does. Now that all this is out on the table, I present my recollection of how bluefish said goodnight to angry and me last Sunday:

carlos alferez frontera grill birthday general manager chicago xoco topolobampo

Bluefish: Alright friends, Mama is tired. Time go to nest.

Reefer: OK Bluefish!!! Awesome playing tonight. Thank you for staying up so late!

Angry: …

Bluefish: Goodnight Reefer! Goodnight Angry! Good games.

Reefer: Good games Bluefish! Goodnight! Take care!

Angry: …

Bluefish: Why don’t you say goodnight to me Angry?

Angry: BYE!

1 thought on “Strange Tools”

  1. You are a giant human parrot? No, only during working hours.

    Tell angry to try rock climbing. Indoors. Yes. Makes tired and less angry.

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