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Q. I’ve heard you say many times that you are in the moment or the importance of being in the moment. Is there ever a time where being in the moment is more important than in a winner-take-all game to define your season? And how did you learn how to actually succeed at being in the moment?

LEBRON JAMES: Well, I haven’t always been successful being in the moment. Some things you just can’t control, like I said. You can do everything you can. You can study. You can prepare. You can go out and play as great as you’ve played before and you still can come out on the short end of the stick.

It happened to me before against Boston. Me and Paul Pierce had a duel where I believe he had 50, I believe, and I had high 40s, gave everything I had, and we lost. So that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in the moment. That meant I was there. I was mentally sharp. I was in tune with the game plan. Just sometimes you’re not successful.

But for an opportunity for tomorrow, I mean, anybody that’s ever played the game of basketball or done anything at any level, to be able to have an opportunity to have one game for it all? I mean, you take it.

It’s an opportunity, and it’s going to be fun.

the truth paul pierce finals broadcaster 3rdarm

“What pressure does LeBron James have in a Game 7? He doesn’t have to face me tonight.” Paul Pierce #TheTruth

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