“All Maîtres D’Hôtel Love To Eat…”

3rdarm arthur mullen sam garcia todd white brien dugan lena brava chicago 3rdarm

Cruz Blanca – Saturday, August 6

CB2 was rocking again with many guests staying all evening enjoying the USA versus China men’s basketball game followed by the always popular beach volleyball: the Olympics continue to draw guests to the TVs.  Dinner push with many larger groups started around 6PM and continued through 9PM. Maybe mellower summer weekend than we’ve seen with the arrival of August giving folks a sense of urgency about that last trip out of town.

brien sam lena brava chicago arthur 3rdarm

Tom Skilling says… still in summer peak, soon to accelerate into autumnal slide.

lena brava service towel 3rdarm

Cruz Blanca – Friday, August 12

Awesome Friday – super busy from the afternoon all the way until the end.  We had waves of groups and larger parties all day, and CB1 was full with diners from 4PM until after 10PM.  CB2 opened after our service meeting and was rocking the Olympics all night.  The women’s soccer game between Australia and Brazil went 0-0 for all regulation time and had to be decided by penalty kicks, which was exciting for our CB2 guests.

roly poly cat 3rdarm bridgeport chicago

Mood Scale:  Towards the end of the shift, I made tastes of the pineapple agua fresca – smoke alley radlers for our CB1 guests.  This allowed me to engage these guests in a dialogue about how we make a custom radler with a unique flavor every day.  I was also using these tastes as an opportunity to say thank you to the guests for coming out on a rainy and thunderstormy night.

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