Art at the Hotel Splendide

lena brava west loop sunset 3rdarm

Lena Brava – Saturday, July 30

Good energy from the staff and guests on this end of July Saturday.  Malcolm and Kelly did a superb job upstairs tonight, taking the extra 4 tops in the PDR.  A lot of guests celebrating were blown away by our food and service. Lollapalooza had a big effect at CB and yet at LB it felt like a regular summer Saturday, of course because of reservations.

lena brava west loop sunset 3rdarm

Mood Scale:  Chef Kelly introduced our staff to the new sweet corn custard and we sold out by the end of the night.  This is what happens when you make desserts so delicious, and then let the staff taste: definitely what Ari from Zingerman’s would call “a good problem.”  I could feel the excitement from the servers and bartenders who got to share this dessert with our guests tonight, and that carried over into the guests Lena experience.  Totally of the moment, totally irresistible.  

lena brava west loop sunset 3rdarm

SG’s: CEO of Columbus Hospitality Mgmt in Ohio. Executive producer of the Steve Harvey show.  AGM of Blackbird.  Bonnie and Floyd (loved the sweet corn custard.)  Matt Keen’s family.  Regular at Frontera.  Regulars at Xoco.  Friends of Sarah. Chef’s former dance instructor.  Lisa Carlson, mgmt maven, and Todd’s wife Kate (first lady of CB). Owner of Chuck Wagon Wilmette. Chef Rodolfo, of Origen in Oaxaca, winner of Top Chef Mexico Season 1 (dining with R&D).  Titus Ruscitti, Arthur’s hero, Chicago food blogger (and inspiration for Wisconsin road trips), at

Shout out:  Diego who has been leading the PM dish team has been awesome to work with.  Diego sends help to pick up / drop off plates when the FOH is slammed, and is very conscientious about checking out at the end of the shift.

stephen mike nutter lena brava chicago 3rdarm

MVP: Shane, Felipe and Mayra, maybe our strongest 3-person runner team, all night in great communication with the kitchen and each other, rotating help to the hot, cold or pastry line as needed.

todd white australian american bowie knife 3rdarm

Tom Skilling says… storms Sunday, followed by heat and humidity.

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