Brave Sea

arthur mullen raven beauty guilford connecticut shore 3rdarm

Brave sea rushing up the shore

Like a warrior throwing

Wild arms around his bride

Whispering Love I’m going

guilford connecticut shore 3rdarm raven beauty

Loud sea sounding on the shore

Mad with love’s commotion

Now I hear his footsteps go

Far out on the ocean

guilford connecticut shore 3rdarm arthur mullen roxie graffiti cocker spaniel

Thus I’ve seen thee fickle sea

Bold advances making

And the broken hearted land

Thy caresses taking

guilford connecticut shore 3rdarm

And I’ve seen the weary land

Throw thee back with scorning

Casting off at set of day

What she loved at dawning

guilford connecticut shore 3rdarm aunty judy roxie

Fickle sea and fickle land

For each other yearning

Ever parting on the strand

Ever still returning

-from the poem “On the Connecticut Shore” by Elizabeth H. Jocelyn Cleaveland

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