Carolina Mostasa de Oro

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Cruz Blanca – Friday, August 26

Steady Friday from lunch through the evening to the dinner rush.  Full temperatures from the early afternoon almost to close due to beautiful evening weather.  Alex and Gladys were the dynamic duo on the CB1 bar, exemplifying the “warm smiles, cold beer,” ethos instilled by TW. The CB2 bar was a little more mellow today, and Nosheen had some excellent strategies for that (see next section.)

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MVP:  Carolina is going to be missed at Cruz Blanca!  Even though she is near the end of her final week, and with a sore throat that made her voice raspy, she toughed it out and made guests smile all night.  Carolina is taking a job in her neighborhood to have more time with her kids and we wish her the best.

Tom Skilling says… resurging humidity over August’s final weekend heightens chances for more thunderstorms.

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