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tomahawk steak lena brava chicago 3rdarm

Lena Brava – Sunday, August 21

The good news was that it was a busy Sunday with lots of special guests and celebrations, and the staff, from the BOH to the FOH, knocked it out of the park!  The less than good news is that this week of staff transition lead to a challenging night for the sole bartender and SA on LB2.  Jose and Nosheen both had on their game faces and powered through, and I let them know we are working on getting back to one hundred percent staffing to give all of our guests the best possible service.

eddie berraca lena brava chicago mezcal

SG’s: Owners of Dos Urban Cantina. Brien Dugan our amazing bartender dining at LB for the first time with his partner and mother.  Denise and Jonathan, from Xoco, celebrating Jonathan’s birthday. Friends of Jennifer Dahl.  Friend of Dana Armon. Big Rick Bayless fan, on her birthday, with her father from Arizona making the reservation and paying for dinner.  Guest with special cookies for her husband’s 60th birthday. Amy Gardner party of 4, super Topolo regulars, LOVED the plum and honey tart, and my Harry Potter inspired nickname for the dish: “Honey Plummer and the Half-Bruleed Tart.”

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